FY2018 Keynote Talks (alphabetical order)

Ebihara, Yusuke, “Energy transfer from solar wind to ionosphere: Global MHD simulation results”, 2nd Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies, Division of Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP), 2018/11/07, Kanazawa, Japan, (A03)

Nishizuka, Naoto, “Solar Flare Prediction by Deep Neural Networks named Deep Flare Net”, B-SWAMI seminar, University of Colorado Boulder, Space Weather Center, 2019/2/7, Boulder, USA

Nishizuka, Naoto, “Deep Neural Networks Applied to Solar Flare Prediction: Deep Flare Net (DeFN) “ , Chapman Cponference 2019, 2019/2/11-15, Pasadena, USA