FY2016 Invited Talks (international) (alphabetical order)

Ebihara, Yusuke, “Perspective of the study on the ring current – past, present and future” American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2016/12/12, San Francisco, USA (A03)

Ebihara, Yusuke, “Substorm simulation: Sudden brightening and westward traveling surge of aurora”, 18th International Congress of Plasma Physics, 2016/06/27, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, (A03)

Ebihara, Yusuke, “Substorm simulation: Current system and auroral structure”, Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) Meeting, 2016/05/22, Chiba, Japan (A03)

Hori, Kumiko, “Waves in spherical dynamo simulations”, The Leverhulme Trust 2016 Nework Meeting on Waves and Turbulence, 2016/7/18-22, Cambridge, UK, (公募研究B01)

Hori, Kumiko, Magnetostrophy in spherical dynamo simulations and its implications for planetary magnetism, The 15th symposium on Study of Earth’s Deep Interior, 2016/7/25-29, Nates, France, 公募研究(B01)

Hotta, Hideyuki, “Small- and large-scale dynamos in the solar convection zone”, ICPP2016, 2016/06/27, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, (A04)

Hotta, Hideyuki, “Large-scale MHD simulation of solar convection zone and dynamo”, 6th East-Asia School and Workshop on Laboratory, Space, Astrophysical Plasmas, 2016/07/12, Tsukuba, Japan, (A04)

Hotta, Hideyuki, “Small-scale dynamo in the solar interior”, Solar and Stellar Magnetic Fields: a conference in honor of Manfred Schüssler, 2016/8/9, Goslar, Germany (A04)

Hotta, Hideyuki, “Solar global convection and dynamo with reduced speed of sound technique”, 7th AICS international symposium, 2017/2/23, Kobe, Japan, (A04)

Hotta, Hideyuki, ”High-resolution calculation of solar dynamo”, MR2017, 2017/3/22, Ehime,Japan, (A04)

Iijima, Haruhisa, “Three-dimensional simulation of chromospheric jets with twisted magnetic field lines in the chromosphere”, Solarnet IV Meeting, 2017/01/18, Lanzarote, Spain, (A04)

Inoue, Satoshi, “An MHD Modeling for Onset and Dynamics of Solar Eruptions”,
First VarSITI General Symposium, 2016/06/10, Republic of Bulgaria, (A02)

Jakson, B.V., “A world interplanetary scintillation stataions (WIPSS) tomography program for space weather forecasting”, 2nd P-STAEP International Symposium, 2017/3/23, Kyoto, Japan, (A02)

Kikuchi, Takashi, “Generation and Propagation of Penetration Electric Fields to the Low Latitude Ionosphere during Substorm and storms”, AOGS 2016, 2016/08/01, Beijing, China

Kikuchi, Takashi, “Evening anomaly of the penetration electric fields at mid-equatorial latitudes during space weather disturbances”, AOGS 2016, 2016/08/01, Beijing, China

Kurita, Satoshi, “Relativistic electron microbursts and local acceleration of MeV electrons by chorus: SAMPEX and Van Allen Probes observations”, AOGS 2016, 2016/08/01, Beijing, China, (A03)

Kusano, Kanya, “PSTEP: Project for Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction”, Space Weather Workshop, 2016 2016/4/26-29, Broomfield, Colado, USA, (X01, A02)

Kusano, Kanya, “Challenge of PSTEP Project for Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction “, JpGU 2016, 2016/5/22-23, Makuhari Messe, Makuhari, Japan, (X01, A02)

Kusano, Kanya, “The onset mechanism of solar and stellar eruptions”, European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, 2016/7/4-8, Athens, Greece, (A02)

Kusano, Kanya, “The onset mechanism of solar eruptions”, East-Asia School and Workshop on Laboratory, Space, and Astrophysical PlasmasTsukuba, 2016/7/11-16, Tsukuba, Japan, (A02)

Kusano, Kanya, “Project for Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction (PSTEP) in Japan”, 2016 The 4th AOSWA Workshop Asia Oceania Space Weather Alliance , 2016/10/24-27, Jeju, Republic of Korea, (X01, A02)

Kusano, Kanya, “Onset Mechanism of Solar Eruptions”, 13thAPPC-AIP Congress, 2016/11/4-8, Brinbane, Australia, (A02)

Kusano, Kanya, “Hemispheric Asymmetry of Solar Cycle Activities”, Space Climate Symposium 6, 2016/4/4-7, Levi, Finland, (A02)

Kusano, Kanya, “Opportunities for CCMC-PSTEP Partnership ”, The 8th CCMC Community Workshop, 2016/4/11-15, Annapolis, Maryland, USA, (X01, A02)

Kusano, Kanya, ”MHD modelling study of solar eruptions”, ICPP 2016, 2016/06/27, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, (A02)

Kusano, Kanya, “Topics II Large Scale Explosions & Eruptionflares, CME, and space weather”, Solar-C Science Meeting, 2016/09/09, Nagoya Univ., Japan, (A03)

Kusano, Kanya, “Physics-based Space Weather Forecasting in the Project for
Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction (PSTEP) in Japan”, AGU Fall Meeting 2016, 2016/12/13, San Francisco, USA , (X01, A02)

Kusano, Kanya, “Challenge to Solar-Terrestrial Environmental Prediction”, 22ndNEXT Workshop, 2017/3/9-10, Kyoto, Japan, (X01, A03)

Martinez-Calderon, Claudia, “Study of ELF/VLF emissions at subauroral latitudes: ground and space observations”, 7th biennial VERSIM Symposium, 2016/9/19-23, Hermanus, South Africa, (A03)

Otsuka, Yuichi, “Review of post-midnight irregularities during solar minimum period”, ISEE Workshop on Ionospheric Plasma Bubble Seeding and Development , 2016/11/29 – 2016/12/02, ISEE, Nagoya, Japan, (A03)

Otsuka, Yuichi, “Simultaneous Imaging Observations of Post-Midnight Field-Aligned Irregularities and 630-nm Airglow”, URSI Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference 2016, 2016/08/22, Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel, Seoul, Korea, (A03)

Otsuka, Yuichi, “Ionospheric Scintillation and Irregularity Drift Observed with Closely-Spaced GPS Receivers in Indonesia”, International Symposium on GNSS 2016, 2016/12/06, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, (A03)

Otsuka, Yuichi, “Ionospheric Irregularity Observations using GPS Receiver Networks in North America”, “2nd GEOlab-RISH Joint workshop on GNSS and SAR Technologies for Atmospheric Sensing The 331st Symposium on Humanosphere Science”, 2017/03/07, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, (A03)

Shiokawa, Kazuo, “Horizontal and vertical coupling of the middle and upper atmosphere observed by airglow imagers”, International Symposium on the Whole Atmosphere (ISWA), 2016/9/14-16, Tokyo, Japan, (A03)

Shimizu, Toshifumi, “What we have learned from Hinode’s 10 years observations?” , The US-Japan Workshop and School on Magnetic Reconnection, 2017/03/22, Matsuyama, Japan, (A02)

Shiota, Daikou, “Hinode Observation of Sun’s Polar Regions”, Hinode-10 Science Meeting, 2016/09/06, Nagoya Univ., Japan, (A01, A02)

Tokumaru, Munetoshi, “Improved relation between the solar wind speeds and coronal hole areas”, AOGS 2016, 2016/08/02, Beijing, China, (A02)

Tokumaru, Munetoshi, “Space weather study using interplanetary scintillation observations at ISEE”, 2016 The 4th AOSWA workshop, 2016/10/25, Jeju Island, Korea, (A02)

Toriumi, Shin, “Hinode-IRIS observation and MHD modeling of sunspot light bridges”,
IRIS-7 Workshop, 2016/04/15, Weihai, China, (A02)

Toriumi, Shin, “Hinode-IRIS Analysis of Various Chromospheric Heatings in Emerging Flux Regions”, IRIS-6: The Chromosphere, 2016/06/20, Stockholm, Sweden, (A02)

Toriumi, Shin, ”Flux Emergence Studies: Past, Present and Future”, Hinode-10 Science Meeting, 2016/09/06, Nagoya Univ., japan, (A02)

Tsuda, Takuo, “My research activity associated with Japan-Norway collaborations”, Young Scientist Forum, Japan-Norway Arctic Science and Innovation Week 2016, 2016/06/01, Norway Embassy, Tokyo, Japan, (A03)

Watanabe, Kyoko, “Hinode Flare Catalogue and Solar Flare Activities in Solar Cycle 24”, AOGS 13th Annual Meeting, 2016/08/03, Beijing, China, (A02)

Watanabe, Kyoko, “Characteristics that Produce White-Light Enhancements in Solar Flares Observed by Hinode/SOT”, AOGS 13th Annual Meeting, 2016/08/02, Beijing, China, (A02)

Yoshikawa, Akimasa, “(B,V) Paradigm of Magnetosphere–Ionosphere Coupling”, URSI AP-RASC 2016, 2016/08/24, Hilton Hotel, Seoul, Korea