FY2015 Keynote Talks (alphabetical order)

Kusano, Kanya, “Overview of PSTEP”, International Symposium PSTEP-1 Toward the Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction as Science and Social Infrastructure, 2016/1/13-14, Nagoya, Japan (X01)

Yoden, Shigeo, “Stratosphere-troposphere dynamical coupling in the tropics”, Workshop on the stratosphere-troposphere dynamical coupling in the tropics, 2015/10/22, Kyoto, Japan (A04)

Yoden, Shigeo, “International research collaborations and networking on extreme weather in changing climate in the Maritime Continent”, 1st International Workshop on Extreme Weather in Changing Climate in the Maritime Continent, 2016/01/06, Bandung, Indonesia (A04)